Tupperware Singapore – Hellokitty collection


Hi fans,

Hello kitty pearl prosperity bottle 450ml

$15 each

Hello kitty pearl

Hello kitty drinking flask 310ml

$28.40 for set of 2

Hello kitty flask

Hellokitty lunch set


2 sandwich boxes

2, 470ml flipopen tumblers

$47 with gift box


Contact kirthiga.rajesh@gmail.com or WhatsApp at 83227226 to order.


Tupperware Singapore – Tupperware Knives and Peelers


Hi Fans,

Here are the most useful kitchen gadgets that last for a lifetime…

Click Series box set ( Peeler set)




Pairing knife

$14 each




Chef Knife

$70 each


Designed for everyday cooking to chop, slice, dice and cut through cabbage, pineapple, pumpkin, watermelon or other handed fruits without difficulty. The flat part of the blade can be used to crush garlic cloves.



Utility knife

$40 each

utility knife 3.jpg

Twistable peeler

$14 each


Contact kirthiga.rajesh@gmail.com or wattsapp at 83227226.


Tupperware Lunch bags and Gift bags


Hi Fans,

Here are the brand new, limited edition lunch bags and gift bags… 

Pink polka lunch bag

$12 each

pink polka bag

Smiley Lunch bag with pull string

$10 each

Smiley lunch bag

Striped lunch bag with velcro and side pouch

$12 each

Striped lunch bag

True Blue Lunch bag to carry more..

$12 each

Blue lunch bag

Festive gift bag

$4 each

Festive bag

Prosperity gift bag

$4 each

Prosperity gift bag

Jumbo Orchid gift bag

$6 each

Jumbo orchid gift bag

Contact kirthiga.rajesh@gmail.com or watts app at 83227226 to order.

Tupperware Singapore – Eco bottles


Hi Fans, Latest set of Tupperware water bottles with prices.

Kids eco bottles 350ml


Kids bottle with strap 400ml


Thirst kicker tumbler 900ml



750ml flip top bottle and 1L screw cap bottle with name tags


Twist and Pour 1.1L

twist n pour


Pair at $39

H2go set

Mickey and Minnie bottles with straps

Each at $17

Mickey Minnie

Barbie bottle with strap

Barbie bottle

1.5 L bottle with pouch

high handolier

1L Flip top bottles

2 for $28


Square eco bottle 500ml

Set of 4 $36

500ml square water bottle

Funky cool square eco bottle

Regular water bottles

water bottles

Kids straw bottle set

ship ahoy lunch set

Hello kitty bottles NEW!!

Set of 4 at $44

Each at $12

Hello kitty 425ml bottles

H2go Bottles NEW!!

H2go bottle 750ml

Thirst quake tumbler with pouch

Thirstquake tumbler with pouch

Eco bottle mini 310ml in Gold

$9 each.

Eco mini gold

Eco mini 310ml

$8 each

Eco mini

Flower fairy flasks

Keep your drink warm or cold for a couple of hours to sip and enjoy…

Fairy drinkinf flask fairy flask 1

Eco bottles 1L and 750ml new colours…

Eco bottles with tag

500ml bottles gold and pearl gift set

50th anniversary eco bottle

500ml flip top bottles

$22 for 2.

500ml flip top

500ml fliptop

1L flip top bottles new collection!!

$14.50 Each

Eco fliptop 1L

750ml flip top with pouch

$18.50 each.

750ml fliptop with pouch

Bottles and snack and game…

Retail $28.50

Offer $24.20

game n snackgame n snack1

Mini bottles 310ml 3 for $21

310ml bottles

Eco bottles Family set with gift box

Price $58

Now $52.20


1L eco bottle flip top

750ml eco bottle flip top

2, 500ml eco bottles

Happy family eco bottles set

Eco bottle 750ml flip top Price $12 each

. photo 1

Kids eco bottle- Frog and Penguin set Price $18.40 per pair.

penguin bottles

Twinkle straw tumbler Price $14.90

Twinkle straw tumbler

Eco bottle flip top 1L $28 per pair


Eco bottle 500ml $17 per pair


Contact kirthiga.rajesh@gmail.com to order.